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Six Reasons to Host Your Wedding at the Lily Inn

Six Reasons to Host Your Wedding at the Lily Inn

Six Reasons to Host Your Wedding at the Lily Inn
The Lily Inn in Burlington, NJ, adores hosting intimate weddings. The innkeepers know that this is a magical day for everyone involved and they are honored to be part of that magic. The memories that will be created that day will last a lifetime. Here are six reasons why you should consider a wedding at a quaint inn.

1. A beautiful setting

The Lily Inn features a verdant courtyard garden that sets the stage for a gorgeous wedding. Mature trees set a backdrop of being in a private oasis. Everywhere you look there are options for stunning photographs of the happy new couple. There is plenty of space for 10-100 guests to comfortably be part of your day.

The Lily Inn is a block and half from the Delaware River. The riverfront is a beautiful place to take photos for your wedding book. Some couples also choose to use the river as a backdrop for their ceremony. Both the inn’s garden and the riverfront are available for creating the wedding of your dreams.

2. Morning of prep is simple

The morning before a wedding ceremony can be hectic. Flowers needs to be delivered. Members of the bridal party need to arrive. Hair and makeup needs to be done. Transportation to the ceremony needs to be arranged. And you cannot forget to make time for some breakfast.

When you host a wedding at an inn, part or all of the wedding party can stay there the night before which lightens the busy mood. The Lily Inn boasts six guest rooms. Parents of the bride and groom can each choose a room. There are two rooms featuring two single beds; the bride and her maid of honor can stay in one and the groom and his best man in the other. That still leaves two more rooms for other important guests such as grandparents, family friends, or even the photographer. Each room has a private bathroom allowing for everyone to get ready for the ceremony in their own space.

The Lily Inn is pleased to serve a hot breakfast each day. Start your wedding day off with a satisfying breakfast. Enjoy breakfast with curlers in your hair and plenty of time to brush your teeth before any photographs are taken.

Lastly, no dresses or tuxes will get wrinkled on the trip to the ceremony. Everyone can get dressed at the inn and walk right outside for the wedding.

3. The small setting includes everyone in the festivities

The Lily Inn can host weddings for up to 100 people. The intimate ceremony size grants the newlyweds more time to spend with each individual guest. Dance with college friends. Sit with the aunt you have not seen in a while. Blow bubbles with the kids in attendance. A wedding ceremony focuses on the new bride and groom and everyone wants to feel like a part of the special day.

4. Get pampered on your wedding night

Weddings are fun but they are also exhausting. The bride and groom can book a room to stay in after the ceremony. We recommend the King Room because it has a whirlpool tub for two. Take off those shoes and relax together as you celebrate the first night of the rest of your lives.

If you prefer a fireplace to a whirlpool tub, we can recommend the Garden View or City View rooms. Bring some champagne to the room and toast each other in front of the crackling fire.

5. It gives you a place to spend your anniversaries

Return to the Lily Inn to celebrate your one year, five year, or ten year anniversary (or all of them). Bring your wedding album and look through it in the spot where the pictures were taken. Book the same room where you spent your first night as husband and wife and reminisce about the wedding day and your years together. We love hosting repeat guests and will be so excited to see you again.

6. Make Burlington a destination wedding spot

Guests are always happy to be part of a wedding celebration. If they have to travel for the wedding, they often make a vacation out of the trip. Burlington is a historic town along the banks of the Delaware River. History buffs will enjoy strolling through town and seeing 40 notable buildings including the oldest home in the country. Antique hunters can spend hours in the shops along High Street. Friends who travel seeking out new breweries can enjoy a few pints at Third State Brewing.

Burlington is also only 30 minutes from Philadelphia, PA. The City of Brotherly Love is full of attractions, history, and fun. Before or after the wedding day, guests can spend a few days in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia International Airport also makes for easy travel for anyone coming in from a distance.